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Seizures While Sleeping

By adam eric at 2011-02-23 01:12:58
There are many factors believed to provoke seizures in patients with epilepsy. Individuals that have this medical condition typically are able to identify particular factors that induce the seizures that they experience. In many cases, they are also able to identify factors that will increase the overall severity of the symptoms that they experience when it comes to having a seizure.

What triggers canine or feline seizures is not exactly known but the general observation is that seizures usually happen when animals are excited. This excitement may increase during play or a cue that signifies that play is about to begin. It is also not uncommon for dogs to have seizures during sleep; however, this should not be confused with barking and shaking while sleep.

Although not all epilepsies are permanent, there is no cure for it. Medications can help control epileptic shocks but epilepsy itself either lasts for certain stages of childhood or it could very well be a lifelong affliction. Also, epilepsy in itself is not a single syndrome.

This specific respiratory exercise was introduced by Doctor K. Buteyko, MD, PhD who created the Buteyko method and worked in the Soviet Union and Russia. Hundreds of epileptics used this respiratory exercise with great success and could stop their seizures in 2-3 minutes.

Speed is critical for success. Commence this exercise as soon as you predict that something wrong is going on with your body and mind. Fear and anxiety trigger unnatural breath pattern. Breathing usually becomes even more irregular or deeper, and more frequent too. These are symptoms of breathing much more than the norm.

There are various sleep disorders that are prevalent in children and major part of it can be attributed to their fear of the dark. The children who have fear from the dark suffer from the worse sleep disorder. However, night terrors are the worst condition in which the child gets up screaming in terror to free from a frightening dream.

Mania and related mental disorders can also lead to insomnia. External factors can contribute greatly to insomnia. Coffee, sugar, nicotine, and other drugs can keep the body alert. Overweight people and people who lack exercise are also found to be more prone to insomnia.

During seizures, nerve cells become hypersensitive and discharge signals spontaneously, while adjacent brain areas amplify these signals. Furthermore, numerous studies devoted to epilepsy proved that hyperventilation readily provokes seizures.

Hopefully, you and your pet have never, and will never, have to experience this shocking event. But, if you have, or if you experience it in the future, this article will help you to understand what causes seizures, what you can do while your pet is having a seizure, and the various treatment options available.

If you are still having seizures or more than minimal side-effects from your anticonvulsant medication, then you have unfinished business. The holy grail of seizure management is to stop them entirely, and to do so without significant side-effects from the treatment used to stop them.

There remains much that is yet unknown about the onset of a seizure. In addition to emotional stress causing seizures, here are some other common causes: sleep deprivation, brain injury, drug toxicity, infection, fever, hemorrhage, tumor, or stroke.

Coma is defined as deep unconsciousness for which the patient is not roused even by painful stimuli. Consciousness is a state of normal cerebral activity in which the patient is awake, aware of the surroundings and himself, and it able to respond to various types of stimuli, both endogenous and exogenous.

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