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Protein Sources for Vegetarians

By adam eric at 2011-02-24 00:53:10
It has long been a common assumption that vegetarians suffer from a deficiency in protein as they don't eat meat or fish, both of which are known as being rich in protein. This is often used as an argument against going on a vegetarian diet. However, this is simply not true.

Vegetarian diet received less-than-friendly welcome when it first came out as an alternative to the standard diet simply for one reason--it proposed the complete removal of lean meats from daily consumption. Even now, while there are varieties of options to vegetarian diet, many people still can't quite agree to the idea of unbalanced diet.

Most foods from plants contain protein, it is now said that one of the benefits of a vegetarian diet is that it provides adequate but not excess protein which is a very good thing because a diet with excess protein may lead to health problems. Most foods contain at least some protein but all proteins are not the same because the protein quality is graded.

It is easy to determine and meet the protein requirements of children when you have a list of vegetarian high protein sources. Nowadays, lots of youngsters have become vegans and vibrant, that is full of energy!

Omega 3 essential fatty acids are necessary for good health. They are necessary for the body to properly function. They help to support proper cell division and reduce both triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the blood.

One of the most identifiable origins of protein originates from animal meat, poultry, eggs, dairy products and fish. However vegan families who choose to merely consume food products from plant-based sources must find alternative methods to ensure their children's meat-free diets supply them with the protein they require to maintain energy.

However, milk, specifically cow's milk, is a common allergen and poses problems for many sensitive individuals. As you can imagine, this can pose a challenge for allergic individuals who want to take advantage of supplements in order to gain muscle weight. Fortunately, there are several alternatives to choose from.

Proteins are the important building blocks for muscles, tissues, cartilage enzymes and hormones. Therefore, it is definitely essential for every individual to get sufficient protein from his or her diets. However, a common misconception that exists amongst people is that Vegetarian or Vegan diet lacks protein, due to the fact of which vegetarians need to take protein supplements to satisfy their body's protein needs.

No vegetarian diet would be complete without grains. Types of grains include oatmeal, barley, wild rice, and rye. These grains can be found in a variety of foods. Look for whole grains in pasta and breads. Many people get the majority of their grains for breakfast in their cereals and even their bagels.

Many vegans or vegetarians will turn to soy and tofu as their number one main source of protein. However, for those of us that don't like a repetitive diet, there are many other ways of getting protein out of your vegetarian lifestyle. Minimal amounts of soy are ok, but eating soy in large quanities may actually be harmful to your health.

This is probably the best natural source of complete protein. Eggs are easy to cook in a variety of ways, inexpensive, and highly nutritious. I recommend getting eggs from wild grown chickens as they contain more high quality nutrients.

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